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Monday, February 26, 2007



Geoff (and Sean and Hayley) of Fantascene dropped in to visit the country so we invited them to play a game with us. What a suprise when he turned up with a bag full of terrain which he very generously gave us! Check out the photo below to see the beautiful terrain pieces, all pre-painted (they can be bought unpainted as well).


The sculpt of the pieces are clean and sharp. I'm particularly taken by the graveyard stuff, very nice. I should point out that some of the tombs have removable lids which was quite neat. (you can see I offset them abit in the photo above)

The large pieces are cast in some sort of rigid foam that is quite dense and hard yet extremely light. I was very impressed with the material, it gave off a wood like sound why you knock it. Geoff asked me to try to break it but I thought I better not... I imagine the light weight material will be a huge saver when it comes to postage. The bottom of the large pieces are all totally flat and will sit nicely on your table top. The smaller pieces are cast in good quality resin.

The casting of both the foam and resin are pretty good with minimal air holes, which aren't noticable.

While they are available unpainted from the website, if you are lazy, feel free to get them painted as they are quite well done. All the terrain pictured here are right out of the package. As you can see from the close ups below, they are done to a decent standard and will sit proud on most tabletop. While I like to paint my own, I must admit it is very attractive to have an instand graveyard (or ruins, or whatever) straight out of the package. I have tons of stuff I buy, never got round to painting and never end up using. But painted stuff, you keep finding use for them in various games all the time.

They come all ready flocked as well. The big fallen statue head has got some of those nifty dead fallen leaves scattered about which is a nice touch! I like that the graveyard stuff are done in more than just the grey as well, it really add a lot more interest to the table.

A vampire slayer surrounded by vampire kids in the graveyard!
Human by Hasslefree Miniatures, Vampire kids by West Wind Productions.

Werewolf hunting gang tracked down and surrounds their prey (or predator?)
Werewolf by Heresy Miniatures, Humans by West Wind Productions.

And finally here is a pic Boon took of the game we played on the day, it was a pirate invading lizardmen skirmish game. We immediately put one of the terrain pieces to use, the big ruined statue head. See what I mean about pre-painted terrain? More photos can be seen here


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